Core Services

  • Online Strategy

    Websites. Email Marketing. Search Engine Optimization. Social Media. AdWords…  I know, it sounds intimidating.

    Relax. Big Shot Solutions will help you plan your first steps into the digital world. Each step we take together will be a step in the right direction.

  • Persuasive Website Design

    Your site may be the first time people will connect with your brand, and you know how important first impressions are. That’s why your site should have a professional, polished look that doesn’t look like it was created by someone taking a high school computer class. Plus, it needs to be deliver your message effectively, and should be easy to navigate.

    Now pay attention: It’s not just about making a site look good. Understanding the psychology and emotions of your audience will help guide them to performing that tasks that you want them to take Persuasive design is very important to highlight because I use design techniques that incorporate motivational triggers…triggers that will lead your users to take that important next step.

  • Current Site Evaluation

    You may be somewhat satisfied with your existing site, but it’s not doing the job that you need. A site evaluation will help identify improvements (many that may be simple!) that can be made to your site.

  • Social Media

    Social media sites like Facebook are an excellent, cost-efficient way of marketing your brand. Facebook, along with it’s advertising capabilities, offers the potential for getting the attention of a huge number of people – even if they don’t currently “Like” you. You can even target certain demographics, interests, zip codes, and more!

  • Search Engine Marketing

    You know when your Google search results display “Sponsored Sites” on the top and right side of your page? That is done using AdWords. AdWords allows you to “bid” on keywords, resulting in your ad getting greater placement.

  • WordPress Sites

    WordPress is a powerful tool for blogging, but it also allows for great looking websites that can be managed and updated by someone with little technical experience. WordPress also offers many great templates that can by purchased, drastically reducing the time it takes to build your site, and ultimately, your costs.

Big Shot Solutions offers much expertise and many solutions to help you achieve your online goals.
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